Sector Focus


STEER has strong experience in the FMCG businesses with our reach extending to large groups pan India and abroad (through our partners)

In depth knowledge & understanding of the domain has ably helped us in providing growth to late stage private equity funding to companies in this space. With our extensive network & relationship in this domain, we have also assisted clients on M&A opportunities.

STEER is largely focused on sub-sectors like personal care, cosmetics, personal hygiene, retail and F&B.

Assisting prominent / niche international brands in the areas of consumer / personal Care and F&B regarding their entry into India in terms of establishing joint venture with strong Indian groups, distribution tie-ups, franchisee arrangements.

STEER has completed/has been mandated for deals in areas of personal care, cosmetics, retail and F&B.

B2C – Food & Beverages (F&B)

STEER is an active advisor to various entrepreneurs in the F&B space. With the sector witnessing a strong deal flow, STEER has been at the forefront in advising clients across categories like QSRs, cafes, Ice creams, health drinks & more.

Strong domain knowledge combined with an experienced team has ensured a strong client base. Having worked with different investors in this sector, STEER has the ability to understand the investor’s thought process.

STEER is presently working on the following transactions in the above sector:

  • INR 1,000mn-1500mn capital raise for the largest player in the milkshake space
  • INR 500mn growth funding for an international café chain brand with more than 20 outlets as of now
  • INR 300mn growth funding for a natural ice cream brand with a strong distribution base 14


Our work in the Retail Space includes a few key transactions like assisting a prominent retail chain from USA on its entry into India by establishing a Joint Venture with strong Indian Group (JVs, Distribution Tie-ups and Franchisee arrangements).

  • Mapping the market in terms of potential partners, identifying and negotiating with the shortlisted entities leading to agreement with the selected partner for India
  • Assisting Indian Branded Apparel companies in their fund raising as well as in terms of identifying partners for International expansion
  • Our reach extends to large Retail Groups in India, in large parts of Asia and in the U.S.A.

Electric Vehicle Ecosystem

STEER was one of the earliest firms to focus on this segment. Even though transactions in this segment have been limited so far, we believe there is long term potential in this segment and continue to be committed on it on an ongoing bases.

Our contribution in this segment has been through:

  • Advising Companies in raising funds to meet their investment requirements
  • Enabling strategic tie-ups through:
    • Technology
    • Product tie-ups
    • Collaborative production, etc.

We are not only advising the companies but are also investing in early stage start-ups in EV ecosystem across batteries, battery management systems (BMS) manufacturers, charging & charging infrastructure, integrated power trains, components, etc.


STEER was one of the earliest firm to focus on this segment. Even though transactions in this segment have been limited so far, we believe there is long term potential in this segment and continue to be committed on it on an ongoing bases.

India is on a cusp of a significant growth in this industry. Hence our focus on this segment as a long term partner will continue.

Our contribution in this segment has been through advising on M&A, Joint Venture(s) and Fund(s) raised through Debt / Equity. The companies whom we have facilitated were involved in processes like machining, electronics, composites, product assembly, component Manufacturing, providing specialised alloys, etc. for this sector.

When required, we also have ability to bring an industry professional to augment the client’s management team and to provide strategic input/tie ups.

Defence Aerospace 2

We are working on M&A, Joint Venture and fund raising opportunities such as:

  • Investments for growth of Indian A & D companies from Strategic / Financial investors
  • Transfer of Technology from some of World’s leading international defence companies through Joint Venture opportunities as well as offset obligations
  • Cross border M&A transactions in the defence space owing to the relaxation of regulatory norms for investment by foreign players.
  • Product partnerships between International companies and Indian companies in areas of Defence electronics, Sub- assemblies, Sub-systems and leading up to System level products

We have facilitated Joint Ventures, Product off-take agreements and Offset related tie-ups across PCB and PCB Assembly, Optics, High end Metallurgy and Forging capabilities and, technology transfer in the Defence space.

Our reach extends from Medium to Large Enterprises focused on Defence / Aerospace in India and abroad (Israel, U.S.A) in this sector.

Paper & Packaging

We are one of the earliest to focus on Paper & Packaging Industry, recognising the potential for growth of this industry in a fast growing consumer economy like India.

We have been extensively working in Paper & Paper based packaging industry and gradually we have also increased our focus on flexible packaging. Having worked with leading global companies and fast growing home grown companies in this space, we understand where the industry in India stands in comparison to the larger mature market like Europe & U.S.

We have recently concluded a fund raising transaction for a leading packaging paper manufacturing company in the western region of India, and we continue to work with most of the prominent names in the Industry and advise them on their capital requirements & strategic initiatives.

Waste Management

Having worked with some of the leading companies in different sub-segments within the Waste Management Industry, Steer has developed a good understanding of the Industry and the Sub-segments.

Across Waste management Industry, steer has worked with companies in Sub-segments such as

  • Waste Water management Industry
  • Solid Waste Management Industry
  • Waste Recycling Industry
  • Industries dependent on waste as Raw Material for manufacturing finished products

Steer also closely works with strategic and financial Investors focussed in the Waste management Industry and understands their perspective on the different industry segments and geographies, thereby facilitating investment in this emerging Industry in a better way and contributing towards the overall growth of the Industry.

Building Materials, Consumer Electricals, Wire & Cable

Worked with one of the leading consumer electrical company. Building material & consumer electricals is a sector that we extensively work in and have successfully closed transactions in this sector.

  • We have recently concluded ~ $ 95 mn equity raise transaction for one of the leading players in wires & cables and consumer electricals industry.
  • We have facilitated capital raise for companies in laminates, plywood & MDF space, thereby enabling them in meeting their capital requirements for expansion.
  • We have also worked with some of the smaller companies having niche offerings, in this space, thereby helping them fulfil their strategic & growth objectives.

Financial Services



Advisory services to NBFCs for Structuring, M&A and Fund raising.

Prior experience with leading NBFCs such as Reliance Capital, Religare Enterprises, Future Capital (now Capital First) etc.



Advisory services to Microfinance companies for Structuring, M&A and fund raising.

Worked with established and emerging MFIs in India such as ESAF, Chaitanya, Pahal, Samasta, Shikhar etc.

Healthcare & Pharma

  • Cross border transaction with a Singapore based Hospital Facility.
  • Completed strategic acquisition for a leading hospital chain in India
  • Raising funds for a growing branded pharma company focusing on diabetics, cardiac and orthopaedic segments.
  • Establishing business tie-ups and raising funds for diagnostics equipment company
  • Establishing licensing deal between a Swiss Pharma company and an Indian company for SE Asia region.

Other Sectors we have experience in, Includes


Logistics : Logistics Parks, 3PL, CFS and Freight Forwarding


Information Technology (through our partner firm in the U.S.A)