Business Advisory Services

Indian businesses have traditionally been family owned with next generation succeeding previous in the family’s management of its business interests. While the last two decades have witnessed significant growth of businesses set up by first time entrepreneurs in India, traditionally family owned business not only continue to grow but are all the more relevant in today’s economic environment which requires significant risk taking ability in new business segments.

At STEER, we have worked with families running business across different regions and sectors globally with a pro-active approach to suggesting ideas that work. Our connect with PE / VC investors and Family offices helps us provide insight on structuring of businesses, potential fund raising options and transaction implementation while ensuring that interests of all family members are aligned.

On most occasions, we have seen our ideas finding connect across all member of a family with couple of exceptions which are expected in a large family setting.

Role Allocation amongst family members

Corporate Structuring

Enabling professional management space in family owned businesses

Strategic Initiatives

Advising on Asset Holdings