Past 16

Chemicals: Advised an Indian EO based speciality chemical Company for its sale to a large USA chemical Group – INR 1700 Mn

Past 32

Strategic Advisory
Paper: Advised a distressed paper company for corporate debt restructuring programme – INR 3000 Mn

Past 13

BFSI: Investment Banking & Institutional Broking businesses in Singapore & Hong Kong with more than 150+ strong team – Value N/D

Past 17

Chemicals: Advised an Indian Chlor Alkali Company for sale to a large Indian conglomerate – INR 2000 Mn

Past 33

Structured Finance
Contract Research Organisation: It is a fast growing contract research organization (CRO) offering services to leading Pharma Companies globally – INR 880 Mn

Past 12

Technology: Indian business group acquired a of broadband solutions company belonging to a MNC – INR 800 Mn

Past 18

Chemicals: Advised an Indian Bromine specialty chemicals Company for sale to a large USA based chemical player – INR 8500 Mn

Past 34

Structured Finance
Paper & Packaging: One of the largest packaging paper manufacturing company in the western part of the country – INR 2800 Mn

Past 11

BFSI: Two Secondary Asset Management companies in the U.S.A. with aggregate AUM of – INR 200 Mn

Past 19

Energy: Strategic investor – global energy major of renewable energy assets in India – INR 700 Mn