Apply for Funding

How STEER can help you fund your next innovative project:-

We believe in supporting and encouraging innovative businesses run by entrepreneurs with a great vision. We are not just looking to fund your business but looking to build a long-term, meaningful relationship.

What we offer:

  1. Ability to assist in your business growth through business development / strategic business tie-ups facilitated through our network
  2. A gateway to connect with our network of investors
  3. Our deep expertise, either by us or through our network
  4. Capital

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Sector –
    • EV Ecosystem
    • Businesses/Initiatives that are creating a positive impact on sustainability in a practical way
    • Companies bringing in technology-based changes to existing businesses in any sector
    • Fintechs that are enabling either a reduction in the cost of borrowing or an increase in reach by customers and by products
    • Consumer tech companies following up on a novel idea and any other businesses enabling reduction of income disparity in the society at large – for example, an NGO providing equal opportunity sourcing from any lower income group of people.

    We believe income disparity could create adverse social situations/upheavals and need to be addressed on an urgent footing if we are to avoid the dangers of Civil unrest in the years to come.

  2. Ticket size – we can invest up to a certain extent on our own, beyond which we can bring our network of investors into any opportunity.

If you think you have an incredible idea/business plan, please waste no time and submit your full-proof business plan for us to evaluate. We look forward to connecting with you!